Document Management

Vidya infotech
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We offer organizations a seamlessly integrated portfolio of products for enterprise-wide document management and archival, and workflow management.

vidya Infotech’s DataScan Online, organizations across industries can transform their workplaces into dynamic, information-enabled business environments as they cost-efficiently meet their document management needs. This integrated enterprise-wide system for the Web empowers companies with robust, efficient, and innovative document management capabilities to face the challenges posed by an information-driven marketplace.

DataScan Online…

  • Features a user-friendly application dashboard
  • Provides several key tools for collaboration, sharing, and knowledge management
  • Delivers active and trusted document content to multiple channels
  • Provides a unified storage umbrella for multiple media types such as paper, video, audio, electronic spreadsheets, and word-processed documents
  • Adopts an open solutions framework designed as a set of easy-to-integrate, easy-to-deploy components
  • Has a Distributed Internet Server Architecture (DISA), facilitating quick and cost-effective sharing of heavy bits of information from images, video, audio, etc.
  • Ensures 365x24x7 uptime
    • Enterprise-wide support
    • Inbuilt scanning capabilities, multiple compression algorithms, and scan quality enhancement
    • Resident imaging utility
    • Content capture and content support
    • Intelligent indexing with barcode support
    • Email archival and fax integration
    • Forms, templates, records, audits, and reports management
    • Backup and restore facilities and inbuilt disaster recovery functionality
    • Multiple search options, version control, and document retention
    • High level of scalability and security
    • Service Oriented Architecture, enabling compatibility with current and future applications and facilitating Core Business